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"He Made All Things" [33rd Peacescape]

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , May 9, 2009—12:05 AM

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I did this painting thinkiing of this Bible verse. ___Revelation 4-11 ----[Quote] You are Worthy,our LORD and God, to receive Glory and Honor and Power, because you made all things. Everything existed and was made, because you wanted it." as I was painting this night scene, it suddenly made me think about how God causes the sun to go down and the night begins. I never see the same colors or shapes in the sky, they are always different. As I look out at our lake, I am so amazed at the beutiful colors and realize that God is the great artist. Tonight as the sun went down I just stood and gave God the glory for my eyes to see such a sight. The clouds were lined with the sunlight and the pink and blues were so beautiful. As artists I know that we notice all this that God wanted and He made. Milliegiftsmith/artid





05/09/2009 * 15:17:17

Wow....grandma...this is truly beautiful....the paintings as well as what you said about them and giving all the Glory to God. You are an amazing woman and never cease to amaze me!! I am sad that we dont get to see each other much, but I know that in the "next life" heaven...we can hang out with each other all we want! This life is short. I love you grandma! And Im soo proud of all your work! You dont get the recognition you so greatly deserve!! I know God will have a special plan for you up there...I know He will use our talents I believe in heaven as well...but only better. :)
"Notice the clouds, and dream like a child"...that's what I always say, and thats what we artists do...LOVE YOU always Grandma...thank you also for always being such a GREAT EXAMPLE to us kids of how to be a truly GODLY woman. You have perservered, and have fought the good fight, and are still fighting...LOVE YOU!!

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