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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

"HIS GLORY COVERS THE SKIES" [ 32nd Peacescape]

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , May 7, 2009—12:17 AM

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"HIS GLORY covers the skies, and HIS praise fills the earth. HE is like a bright light. Rays of light shine from his hand, and there He hides." {HABAKKUK 3:3-4] These Bible verses inspires me to paint the beautiful skies. This one I saw one evening and painted it with these verses in mind. I did this in watercolor on paper. It gives us hope and peace in these troubled times---to know that God is always there in all things. He has never failed me yet. I hope this will inspire you too. Milliegiftsmith/artid




  Jackie Griswold ( homepage )

05/08/2009 * 07:22:51

Millie, I never fail to find inspiration in your work. I think what most inspires me is your willingness to try new things and the joy you seem to have in sharing your life and your art, which probably are one and the same. Thank you!


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