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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

My Art Studio --part 1

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , April 3, 2009—05:11 PM

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This is my space to paint. It is very nice, big picture window overlooking the lake. I have another photo next blog that shows more of my studio. I also have storage space in another room off my studio. I share this with my husband who collects coins. So it is a busy place. I am very fortunate to have this studio as it has such great light and also the view is wonderful. Milliegiftsmith/artid




  Fakhra ( homepage )

04/07/2009 * 06:57:46

Art information in this post is very workable and useful.


  Mike Barr ( homepage )

04/07/2009 * 03:03:46

wonderful place to work! thanks for sharing.


  Michael Mize ( homepage )

04/06/2009 * 15:03:35

No wonder you're able to create so much great work, look at all that room! What a fantastically inspiring space! It must be a real burden to have a lake view to gaze at as you work too!


  Rebecca Wise Girson ( homepage )

04/04/2009 * 07:15:20

Hi Millie,

I love looking at other people's studios. The place where people create is almost as interesting to me as WHAT they create.

And you have a view of a lake!?!? Very nice!


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