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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

Yupo Paper--A Work in Progress

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , April 1, 2009—11:01 PM

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Do you know what Yupo paper is? Maybe you are not familiar with this kind of paper. I will tell you a little about it. I have only been working on it for a short time. but have watched some tapes of artists demonstrating using this paper. First of all -it is a synthetic paper. [non absorbent]. I use watercolor on it at the moment. This is an unfinished piece I am working on. I find it a very challenging experience. This is done on heavy weight, but it comes in light weight too. Its like 200 lb watercolor paper. I started out with a brush to draw my design. However I have changed it many times so far. You can take off any paint that you don't want by wetting it with a brush and wiping it off with kleenex tissue. This helps in designing the art work. With this painting I have on the blog, I am using glazes. To use a glaze ---you only go over a section one time and then let it dry. --Then continue using galazes, as many as you would like ,to get the right value. Also a roller is good to use to smooth the paint with. You can use a spray to get texture by lightly spraying it and then use tissue and a roller to take off the excess water. or rewet the piece. Also using different tools , such as stamps, sticks and objects that give a good texture. I think the best way to learn about yupo is to try it and just play around with the paint. I have a lot of work to do on this piece, but will get it done soon. I hope. Let me know what you think about this YUPO PAPER and the design. Milliegiftsmith/artid




  Jacqueline White ( homepage )

05/27/2009 * 22:07:13

Hi Millie! I've never heard of Yuppo paper, I would love to try it sometime as it seems very forgiving, unlike watercolor paper. I love the notion that you can wipe out any unwanted paint.
Love your design, can tell it is going to be a lovely piece already!

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