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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

"Peace on a Rainy Night " [Peacescape 27th]

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , March 27, 2009—02:03 AM

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God answers prayer. I know that it is true. O LORD I thank you for the great gift of peace in the time of storm. One night, when we were in Northern Michigan, John fell and we had to take him to the doctors. I was concerned and I couldnt sleep that night, the rain was really pouring down. I got up and looked out the big picture window at the rain and I started to pray for him. As I finished praying, I looked up at the sky and all of a sudden the clouds broke and the moon appeared. It was like God was telling me he would be ok. He was fine the next day. When I got home I painted this as I remembered just how I felt that rainy night. God is so good. Milliegiftsmith/artid



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