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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

"The Church in the Wildwood" [25th Peacescape]

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , March 14, 2009—12:00 AM

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I doubt anyone will remember this old Hymn--"The Church in the wildwood". As a child, my folks would take us to see my grandparents in Millbrook, Il. This little church was on a hill as you go into town. This is where my grandmother and grandfather went to church. So every Sunday morning the family attended this church. They always sang this Hymn--"O' Come,Come, Come to the Church in the Wildwood, O' Come to the Church in the Vale. No place is so dear to my childhood, as the Little brown church in the vale" and etc. I painted this church as a reminder of those good days. These precious memories are forever in my thoughts. When days were so PEACEFUL, and carefeee. There is nothing like a little country church, and singing all the old Hymns. Such as--Rock of Ages"Softly and Tenderly The Old Rugged Cross---Meet me there--Jesus Love Me. Just a few of the old favorites of mine. Peace, Peace, Wonderful Peace. These Hymns will give one Peace.Milliegiftsmith/artid



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