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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

"Honour and Majesty" [18th Peacescape]

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , March 1, 2009—12:00 AM

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Psalm 96:6 [Quote] "Honour and Majesty are before HIM: strength and beauty are in His Sanctuary" I have always loved church steeples and stain glass windows. So I did a watercolor in abstract design to include both. I named this "Honour and Majesty" because that is the way I feel as I look upon the church steeples. They, are to me, majestic. Lately the steeples are slowly going away. This makes me sad. There is beauty in stain glass windows, when the sun shines in and lights up the Sanctuary. When I was a child, we would visit my grandparents in Illinois. A very small town, but it had 2 churches with steeples. The church that my grandparents belonged to--was on a hill overlooking the village. I always loved that church. It really was majestic to me. I have never forgotten that church on the hill with its steeples reaching toward Heaven.



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