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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

My new series I am starting "Peacescapes"

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , February 2, 2009—12:47 AM

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I feel that the world needs art that gives a scence of Peace--in this troubled times.I want to paint so that as one looks at my work--they will have a feeling of hope and joy. I am putting this painting on that I did some time ago-- but I feel that it gives a feeling of a peaceful day--fishing. So, as I finish a new work about peace-I will put it on artid. So keep looking for my new work. Millie




  kellym ( homepage )

02/02/2009 * 14:32:22

Hi, Millie -- It was good to hear from you last week! Thank you for your lovely comment.

Your concept of "peace" is a timely one and I think many folks need a bit more of this in their lives -- so good luck with the theme and looking forward to seeing more peace-filled art!

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