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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

A Good Artist knows that he is always a student of art.

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , January 16, 2009—11:33 PM

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This is a quote from another artist, but it is something I agree with. I am always striving to do better and study a lot to accomplice this. I'm always setting new goals to achieve,so the phrase "making it" doesnt really apply. Every painting I do,, I feel it is not my best work. I always feel I can get a painting that is greater than the first one. Many of my paintings are second rate for me and I work to get one that I really think is better than others. So, to me-- that is a fact that I am just a student yet and reaching for the goal I set for myself. I have been painting for a lot of years and I always think--I am still a student. Milliegiftsmith




  kellym ( homepage )

01/21/2009 * 18:52:58

Millie -- Hello again! I left for awhile but am back and just reading up on my colleagues' blog entries. I certainly understand your thoughts and laugh because of my blog entry just minutes ago -- similar wavelengths, perhaps? Good to "see" you again!


  Jackie Griswold ( homepage )

01/19/2009 * 06:56:49

Millie, what you've said here is so true. I am always learning and much of the joy of my work is in the learning. I enjoy looking at your art work because you see the world in so many different ways. I've learned a lot from studying your work and the work of all the other wonderful artists here.

Thank you for sharing.

Jackie Griswold

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