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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

Love to paint

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , November 17, 2007—04:21 PM

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I love to paint!!! I would love to have you view my work on MILLIEGIFTSMITH web page in ARTID.COM. You will see how much I love to paint. Leave me a message ---Please. If you have any questions for me--I will surely answer you.




  Shanthi Fernando

06/14/2017 * 01:47:11

Dear Millie,
I came cross you videos in You Tube. I was fascinated by your art work.
I am Catholic and loved the music too
Recently I started painting. After seeing you videos I started to paint loosely but found it difficult .May be I am using too much water do you think.
God Bless



12/15/2015 * 23:48:17

I love your work it is fascinating to watch you paint. You are a big inspiration to me as I am in my 80's and feel that painting seems to get a tad more difficult to be inspired every day to pick up my paint brush, you've inspired me more than you know. I've recently started to do abstracts but easier said than done! Shrl


  Suthirak ( homepage )

02/20/2009 * 22:45:33

Dear Millie,

Thank you for your nice comments regarding my work.
I can see that you are also love to paint,
you have created beautiful work !!!

Regarding to the ICN, please could you inform me a little bit more how this works and if it works? what do I need to do ?

If you are interested to see more of my work please visit my website

Looking forward to your reply.

Warm regards,

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