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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

Making Videos

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , October 23, 2017—12:57 PM

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My first video I made was in an Artid contest. I won the comedy prize. My daughter helped me and then I was on my own. I have been making them ever since. I am now 97 years old and still making them. I can not count how many I have now, but my last count was 400 or more. I love to make them but it is not easy. Let me tell you how I do it, and maybe you will try some too. First, I decide what I am going to paint. Step 2 I write down the title, decide the medium to use. Set up my camera [video camera] Arrange all my materials.Step 3- I fix the camera to see the paper, then I start to paint and explain what I am doing. Now that is the easy part. When I am finished the painting I transfer it to my MOVIE MAKER and put the clips on the internet. STEP 4 EDITING it is all the work. But I keep it fun. After that I save it to the computer, and put it on Artid Youtube. I keep running out of subjects. Due to some serious illnesses the past 3 years, It is to as easy. But the GOOD LORD gives me the strength to keep on. Lately I have talked about Jesus AND WHAT He did for me. YOU see I am a miracle. I Got a glimpse of GOD during brain surgery. He wanted me to come back and tell everyone how wonderful and loving HE is. I hope you know HIM and please try a video. The painting is one I just did. Look it up on Artid Youtube.





11/05/2017 * 03:55:08

Your painting is lovely, and I think you are amazing!

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