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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog


by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , August 8, 2017—12:00 AM

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LET THE BIBLE INSPIRE YOUR ART In my new collection of MODERN CONTEMPORARY ABSTRACTS I have used the Bible as an inspiration. I find a verse that gives me an emotion for a painting, then I paint that emotion. This is one of my paintings that I used and On the back of the painting I name it and the verses I used. This one is called "GOD'S PRESENCE" PSALMS 24:1-4 Sometimes it may be more abstract and not so abstact, my emotions just come out.They are all 8"/10"canvas board. They are not high price. I hope you will try this and see what it can do. I have a video called "PAINTING A REAL EVENT" I hope you will watch it and see what I have been through since a year ago in August. It is a true event that happened to me when I had brain surgery last August. I saw a glimpse of GOD and HE gave me another chance to live. So now I paint for HIM with my videos and paintings. I hope you know HIM as HE is so wonderful. and forgiving. May you take HIM into your heart and painting. This painting is called " GOD'S PRESENCE" PSALMS 24:1-4 MILLIE Look me up on Ebay



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