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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

Painting A True Event.

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , November 30, 2016—12:00 AM

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This really happened to me. Three months ago I fell and hit my head. I went to the emergency and had a catscan. It was ok then. Later I developed a bad pain in my head. So back to the hospital I went. The catscan showed I had a large bloodclot. I had to have brain surgery. I found myself in a deep dark pit. I said "where am I". I looked up and saw a big door, and in the shadows I saw a figure of a great man, beautiful, strong. I asked "are you God?", He said "yes" and then it was dark again. I felt a touch of a hand on mine, and I said "are you Jesus", He said "yes". My child, do you want to go back to the earth with all this pain?" Again He said to me," My child, do you want to go back where there is hate, shootings and troubles?' I said "JESUS, you came to earth and they hated you, and killed you on the cross for the sins of the world. You died for "me, now I want to live for you". Jesus said "are you sure?"? I said "yes" I was immediately back n the bed with a lot of pain. Jesus said to me---"Paint what you saw" This is a painting I did in oils and call it "A Glimpse of GOD. . I believe I was at death's door and given a second chance for life to live for JESUS. I painted this for HIM. It is amazing to me. I have told so many this, and ask them "Do you love JESUS?. I am asking you "do you love HIM? He loves you so much.




  Linda Tobey

05/21/2017 * 23:47:40

Thank you for telling your story of Christ coming to you. You were so strong to come back and paint again just for Him. I pray for your return to health and for your tenacious spirit to keep painting. It is a gift from God.


  Sara Vickers

02/20/2017 * 13:59:17

I have been inspired by your paintings, your passion and courage.
I hope you are still painting and are fine now..
I wish I could give you a big hug.
God does bless you xxxxx
All my love
Ps. I live in Portugal and have been painting for a few years and will not give up as you have told me not to, and of course because I love painting, making a mess with the spray bottle to hopefully get as beautiful colours as you


  Brenda Cooper

12/24/2016 * 09:52:06

Thank you for sharing your story and experience and your beautiful painting above. I am so glad you chose to say yes to living for Jesus! I hope this email finds you better and that you are recovering from your recent stint of illness. My husband and I started a Christian church about a year ago in the Ann Arbor area and we, like you, love the Lord. We both were tearing up reading your message of light and love above. We ran across your blog when looking at a house that is for sale on Grass Lake. We were trying to figure out what the large rooms in the house were used for and had ideas but were pleasantly surprised when we found your youtube videos of you painting in one of the rooms! Your artwork and craft is breathtaking and beautiful! We connected with your pictures right away because there are many of water and landscapes and those are two of our favorite things. We live on a lake in Ypsilanti (Ford Lake) and love the topography and all that lake living has to offer. We stumbled across the house on Grass Lake because we are looking for more acreage and room for our two fur babies to run around but we need something close enough to church. Another thing that took me by surprise was your name. Both of my grandmas names were Millie (Mildred & Amelia). In closing, my husband and I hope you are well and are recovering and we pray you have a wonderful Christmas with family. Please keep painting as long as you are able to Millie. Your artwork and talent is truly a gift from God and absolutely stunning. We would love to hear back from you, God bless!!! Colin & Brenda Cooper


  Nancy Trump ( homepage )

12/21/2016 * 16:47:13

Yes- I do understand. I had major help from Christ when I was in dire trouble and called to Him. I like your rendition of God.

Pardon me, I do not wish to leave my email. I have way too many people on it currently.

My facebook will also give us a connection. I work in all manner of water media plus color pencil & neoColor 2.

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