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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

The Excitement of Being an Artist

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , June 20, 2016—03:21 PM

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I am always happy when I hear that my art was accepted in a State Wide cmpetition at Ella Sharp Museum here in Jackson Michigan. Even though l am 96 years young My passion is still to keep painting, the strength is not as good, due to so much illness these last.2 years. I figure " can't get an artist down" Sometimes you just push yourself. I have taught art lessons for 25 years, made over 350 teaching video, I sell on EBAy, ArtID. My love to paint gives me all I need to get me out of the rocking chair. This oil mountain scene is the painting I entered and was accepted in the show. I hope you keep painting , at any age. My Lord keeps me painting for his glory, and I praise Him every day.





07/22/2017 * 17:40:14

Millie, I love to watch your videos. You are truly an excellent artist. You are an inspiration to me. Strangely, my mother in her nineties got very ill and we thought she was dying. She refused food and only drank water. A hospice nurse suggested a medicine that had helped people dying of cancer - Mom had no disease. We kept the drapes open in her room so she could see the blossoms on the trees if she awoke. She did awake and told us where she had been. She said she had been in a dark place, without trees and no people. She wandered looking for something. She never saw Jesus but she came back to us.


  Tamara Veith

04/19/2017 * 03:14:05

I fell in love with you Millie Gift, even your middle name!! My what a genuine treasure you are, and glorious Artist, too


  Deborah Pugh ( homepage )

09/26/2016 * 03:48:47

I love your paintings and find you a true inspiration.If I can be happy painting at 90 it would be wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing your love in your videos.


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