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by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , January 31, 2016—12:00 AM

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I just posted "WONDER of WATERCOLOR" I got a comment about it-How can I do this? I have several videos on youtube, that explains my way. They are called "LOOSE AND EASY. Look them up by google in my name, Millie Gift Smith. I want you to know that is not the only way I use watercolor. Many of my work is from a subject, however I never draw it all out, and plan all the details. I also use DR MARTINS BLEED PROOF WHITE. It is a watercolor based paint. It can usully fix places where you want to change. I am not a "pureist"' so to spesk, just have fun painting. When I say " I have nothing in mind" that is one way I love to paint, however usually I may think--flowers, sunset, clouds and others.I like to just start with this idea. I will say it does take a lot of practice. Hope this clears it up. Just give it a try Millie Gift Smith




  Linda Cooke

02/26/2016 * 15:52:33

I just wanted to let you know that I am so inspired by you and your watercolour paintings. I watched your video LOOSE AND EASY and it has re-kindled my creative spirit. Lately I have been in such a rut as you put it, but after watching you paint and listen to you talk about painting it's almost freeing...if you know what I mean?
Thank you so much

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