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Corn-Knee High by the 4th of July.

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , July 2, 2008—11:52 PM

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" Knee high by the 4th of July" Maybe you have never heard that expression--but that's what my father always told me-he was a farmer. So the other day I looked at all the big cornfields near here and guess what? They were knee high and some were even higher. So I came home and painted a cornfield--sorta-- an impression of one. It was a fast study, and the picture is a little darker than mine. I used acrylic on canvas. I used to run through the cornfields as a child and they are special to me. My brother and sister would play hide and seek with me. I was the smallest one and got lost a lot. What fun that was. I wonder if the kids of today ever do that.--Maybe on the computer. Millie




  Deb Ward ( homepage )

07/05/2008 * 12:16:20

Love this painting, and the new one of hollyhocks.
Yes, kids today still go through cornfields - mostly on 4-wheelers (quads)! They also hunt and fish, gig frogs, snag turtles, shoot skeet and ride dirt bikes - at least here in the country in southeastern Indiana (and even when they are 26 years old!).
Every day I realize how blessed we are to live in the country.

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