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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

When Illness Stops You From Painting

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , September 1, 2015—12:00 AM

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Hello Again to all my artist friends on Artid. Since February and until today, I have been in the hospital for 7 times. I am now home trying to gain my strength to paint again. It is a very trying time, but the LORD JESUS has been my strength to live. and to once again paint. Please pray for me to get well again. I am 95 years young. Blessings Millie GiftSmith





12/08/2015 * 21:45:21

Dear Millie:

I met your grandson John (in Los Angeles) today and he told me to check out your work. How I wish I have "met" you a long time ago. Wow! Your work is both inspirational and mesmerizing. It felt like you are actually talking to me when I look at your paintings. You are amazing.
May God bless you with many more years of good health!


  Janneke Hooghuis ( homepage )

10/25/2015 * 13:47:17

Dear Millie,this afternoon I've been watched the beatifull video's and you make me smile. What do you have a wonderfull nice way of painting aquarel. You are a great inspiration for me. Great you are well enough to paint again after the exciting months. Thank God. Lots of love and greetings. Janneke. I am a painter too.


  Jude Hazeldine

10/21/2015 * 01:53:06

Blessings to you Millie... I have loved your work and the accompanying music, particularly your watercolours. You are truly inspirational. I have only just seen this post hence the delay. One of your demonstrations I almost wore out watching it over and over... fabulous.

Here's to your health Millie. All my thoughts go to you.

Your Kiwi friend and admirer Jude.


  Dee Mabeus

09/28/2015 * 00:59:46

Hi Millie, I've been watching your videos since I started painting with watercolor 2 years ago. Your amazing talent and love for Christ are truly an inspiration! I'm so sorry to hear that you've been in the hospital and pray that you'll have the strength to paint again soon!



09/23/2015 * 22:44:34

Dearest Millie....
As an artist you inspire a nurse of more years than I can remember I hold you up to God's perfect plan.

Thank you for your brilliance and color and reminder that our lives reflect the beauty we live and love.

God creates and encourages us to create....




09/23/2015 * 07:57:29

Millie, You have been my biggest painting inspiration since I started painting with watercolors a few years ago. I pray that you get your strength back and stay well. God bless!


  anna drake ( homepage )

09/10/2015 * 03:49:43

Millie, blessed are your wonderful talent with the brush and joy of living and creating.

thanx for your tuition and support, uplifting your followers and students for so many years!!!

may you have peaceful older years and pass on with a brush in u hands



09/09/2015 * 22:48:59

God is good and has brought you back home from the hospital. Soon you will have a brush in your hand and will be sharing your joy with your paintings again. Your videos are a blessing to so many. I have shared them with my watercolor students and they love your work too, May God strengthen you each day and bless you with His love,



09/07/2015 * 23:55:28

I just watched a number of your videos and I'm truly blown away by you! You send such warm vibes and are an inspiration. I've just begun my art journey about a year ago and have much to learn. I feel like your videos are a tremendous set of lessons to learn. I'm so very sorry to hear you're in the hospital. I hope that you're able to get back to what you love! I'll be sending my hopes and good vibes your way.



09/02/2015 * 17:41:41

Millie, I have watched several of your tutorials on YouTube. You are an amazing woman/artist! I am sorry to hear that you have been ill, but I am praying God will give you many more years to bless us with your artwork.
God Bless you!

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