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Millie Gift Smith "Bridge to Nowhere"

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"Bridge to Nowhere"
30" x 22" x 1"
Painting / Acrylic
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"Bridge to Nowhere"

This is a 30by22 unframed liquid acrylic on paper. It is an abstract about the old bridge in Millbrook, Ill. When as a child we had to cross this bridge in the fog--and I always remember I thought--"This bridge goes nowhere" as I couldnt see the other side. When painting this--the old bridge came by accident and it made me think of the past and my happy childhood at my grandmother's house. It is very colorful. It meant a lot to me. The colors are very bright and beautiful. I would part with it . I coated the watercolor paper with gesso and then poured the liquid acrylic on. It was fun to do. This is a very striking painting.