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Mike Moreira About

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Mike Moreira was born in Cincinnati in 1971 to a native Portuguese family. At an early age he became interested in drawing; specifically form and line quality, from attempting to draw realistically, to the beauty of line from the spontaneity of the teachers__™ writing on the blackboard. At the age of 8, Moreira discovered the power of color and his fascination didn__™t go unnoticed. A third grade teacher, when commenting on his obsessive coloring ability proclaimed ___you have a great eye for color!___. He has been fascinated with it ever since.

He received a scholarship to the Art Institute of Cincinnati, but Mike continued his art education at the Ohio State University. Within his five years at Ohio State, he showed in exhibitions and spaces including the Wexner Center For the Arts and The Ohio State University along with galleries and spaces not affiliated with the university. Although Mike has had limited exposure, his work is in private collections, commissions and has shown around the country.

Mike lives and works in Chicago.


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