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Mike Bell Art Blog

American Art Awards2011

by mikebell , September 12, 2011—06:45 AM

Topics: Art Awards 2011 American, Seascapes, competitions, expressionism, mixed media, surfaces, textures

Mike -- You won FIRST PLACE in Cat 13 EXPRESSIONSIM OTHER ; Hauxley haven Blues Rhythms & textures1a- and FOURTH PLACE in Cat13 EXPRESSIONISM - OTHER ;- Sunset Series Druridge bay 1 Congratulations! The 2011 American Art Awards ;- 25 Top USA galleries have voted you a multi-winner! Stiff competition this year - we have winning art this year from America, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Canada, England, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Macedonia, New Zealand, Romania, South Africa, Slovakia, and Ukraine! We expanded globally 67%. We have just posted the winners at at the 2011 WINNERS page. You can see your name and art images[attached] , titles, sizes, mediums used, and contact information. USE THESE WINS TO PROMOTE YOUR ART. Send as many people to this page as you want. This information will be there for a year. Many artists have been able to sell their piece(s) after their AAA win. When you have five additional minutes, please watch the 2 youtube videos on the HOME PAGE. In those videos, as president of AAA, I thank the galleries by name, mention a few of the winning artists, and ask artists to (expand to TV) and send videos of their passionate selves and art to: Congratulations!! Thom Bierdz President



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