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good advice: watch your edges

by mickey , November 15, 2009—09:48 AM

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Two summers ago I took a one-day painting workshop with Carol Maguire and we've remained in touch. Carol responded to recent work posted on, saying "watch your edges." These three simple words have helped solve the frustration I've had wondering why most of my paintings look so illustrative and not painterly. Because all my edges are sharp! Making some edges sharp and others soft (out of focus) will direct the viewer's eye and add depth and interest. I think that's why this small painting on tapestry works.




  Mary Lawler ( homepage )

11/15/2009 * 20:52:50

What a great observation! Something to keep in mind in my fledgling painting career. I never thought of your edges as sharp exactly but I see what she means.
This is a nice piece, on tapestry. Tapestry?

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