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Virtual World Tour

by mickey , June 18, 2009—06:36 PM

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Back in MA __" Granby Massachusetts What a tour. I just got that Bee Gees song out of my head (you know the one, ___and the lights, all went dooooooown in Maaaaaaassachusetts______) and I__™m back, not 15 miles from where I was a few days ago. You__™d think the organizers could do a better job scheduling these things. But it is good to be back. My host today is Mickey (who I found out, to my pleasant surprise, is a woman) and she doesn__™t actually have a blog. She tells me she can put this up on Facebook, however, but if she can, she__™s more technically gifted than I am. I can__™t make head or tales of Facebook. I do have a Facebook account, which allegedly has my blog linked to it, but every time I log in I am besieged by requests to take quizzes to find out how similar I am to Courtney Love, or invitations to join the Naked Polar Bear Wrestling group, or messages from people I don__™t even know who want be my friend. And what, pray tell, is this ___Poking___ all about? (Incidentally, when I do accept someone as a friend, I generally add a ___how did you meet___ comment along the lines of, ___we were in rehab together,___ or, ___She was pole-dancing in a bar in Singapore and I was really impressed with her tattoos.___ They usually don__™t ask again.) Social networking may be the wave of the future, but to people like me (you know, people who aren__™t really old yet, but can remember black and white TV) it__™s just a lot of noise. Mickey, thankfully, has other, non-Internet related activities planned for us. We__™re going to the nearby State Park to climb The Seven Sisters mountain range and I have to say I am looking forward to it. When I lived in the States I was a keen hiker and spent many a weekend in the Adirondacks or the mountains of western Massachusetts, gamely trudging up trails for the spectacular view I knew I would find when I reached the top. Mickey promises the view from the Skinner Mountain house won__™t disappoint so I am eager to get going. But we need to stop off and get me some proper hiking shoes, first, and sunscreen, a backpack, some power snacks, a water bottle___ When you__™re on a book tour, you don__™t generally think to pack these sorts of things. (I wonder if I can claim them back on expenses.) It will be nice to get back to nature and forget about this tour for a while, seeing nothing but forest and hearing nothing but the buzz of insects and the twitter of birds. If I can get this song out of my head, anyway.

Would you like to participate in the 2009 KINDNESS of STRANGERS TOUR? Visit the Tour Page to sign up or to view the latest Tour updates. Michael Harling is an American author living in the UK undertaking a virtual world tour via the kindness of strangers. Links: (can be imbedded in the above or listed after the text) Tour Page: Book Page: Home Page:



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