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Dr. Michael Durst Art Blog

ICO Gallery Exhibition in Chelsea, NYC

by MichaelDurst , September 17, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: art, gallery exhibition, marketing art, self promotion

Hello to All! I just wanted to share with you the excitement of the art exhibit at the ICO Gallery in New York's premium art area of Chelsea. We had taken the sleeper train from Chicago to New York to take in the scenery and it was beautiful. We arrived Wednesday night at a wonderful bed and breakfast in Chelsea, which was a 1870's townhouse filled with incredible antiques, including an Ampico player piano and music boxes. Our kind of place! Thursday, we went to the Museum of Modern Art, the Frick Collection and other galleries. New York is resplendent with cultural treasures. What a joy to behold! We went early to the Opening and were most shocked, and pleased to see my art work in the front room of the new gallery!!! The curator, Robert Berry, explained that he felt that it was the best place to feature it that he wanted my work to act as a magnet to draw people into the gallery. What tremendous support and acknowledgment. To see more pictures of the opening, go to Art Marketing Blog

The gallery is HUGE, especially for the Chelsea area. Many of the inner galleries had two story cathedral ceilings to show off the large art work. The Opening was attended by 300-400 people and so it was truly a New York shoulder to shoulder cocktail party! Stephen exclaimed that no matter where he turned, people were excited and talking about my art work! The guests were all extremely engaging and uplifting. They could not have been more complimentary of my paintings and style. They loved the color and texture of the pieces and wanted to hear more and more about the beauty of Cape Town!

The other artists in the exhibit were as beautiful as their paintings. I was honored to have my work shown with theirs. Many of the other paintings has price tags in the $14,000.00 to $28,000.00 price range, and these artists have incredible biographies and international recognition. All in all the evening was one of the highlights of my life. I will forever remember the people, the joy, and the celebration of life that everyone there exhibited. The exhibit is on until September 25th. You can see the entire exhibit on the Ico Gallery web site: I have been told that many of my paintings will be sold in the next few days, and the gallery has already asked me to submit more paintings for their exhibit in December entitled, "The Rhythmic Figure." Could I ask for more? Thank you as always for your kind support. May all of us live our dreams! Michael Durst





03/21/2011 * 21:40:07

I have to say, some of your paintings are extremely superb and achieve their goal. However somne are an eye-sore, forgive me for saying. I loved your lion at sunset.

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