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Margaret Kirk-Thornton About

I have had a broad spectrum of interests and a thirst for knowledge since childhood. My mother fostered in me a passion for reading, while my father molded me into a ___do-it-yourselfer___ with a can-do attitude. Through my aunts I gained an interest and skills in handcrafts and clothing construction. I became a life-long learner with the philosophy that, ___Life is continuing growth through the process of gaining and sharing knowledge.___ So it is not surprising that my careers have spanned the fields of medicine, education, library science and art. Add Comment


In the 1980__™s, while seeking a distraction from a period of personal turmoil, I was introduced to stained glass as a hobby. I soon wanted to take it beyond that level and explore it as an art form. I continued to work with stained glass as time permitted while teaching, working part-time, attending graduate school and taking on the role of care-giver for my aging, legal-blind mother.

Now retired from teaching, I have combined my artistic expression and a passion for glass, forming them into a business. Splendor in the Glass is an artist__™s studio, not a workshop cranking out mass-produced crafts from pattern books. The glass and related materials are the media I use to create pieces of art. I continue to push the limits of glass as an artistic medium, by exploring unique configurations and incorporating materials beyond the confines of the expected. The works resulting from these explorations and personal expressions will be made available for sale, but the focus of the business will be commissioned works for individual clients.


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