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Melanie Myhre About

My paintings are an expression of what the heart sees. They reflect the wonder, beauty, and innocence of a child who sees the undiscovered possibilities. I believe the child never completely goes away. The inner child is what keeps us young at heart, and keeps us from losing faith and hope. The inner child may be hiding, but is always looking for an opportunity to come out and play. All she needs is an invitation. Come, gaze once again through the eyes of the inner child. ~Melanie Myhre~ " 1 comment


Melanie Myhre grew up in the wilderness of northern Minnesota. She spent much of her childhood roaming the woods, prairies, and wetlands; often with a sketchbook in hand. While exploring the world around her, she used pencil and ink to express what she saw and felt.

The discovery of acrylics led to the freedom to take risks with color and form, and as a result Melanie paints directly on the canvas without any preliminary sketching. Melanies' unique style is a blend of the shadows and light in every human soul. She paints a variety of subjects, but is best known for her fairytale-like trees and forests. She blends movement, detail, and color into into an emotionally evocative experience that shouldn't be missed!


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