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Meg Riley About

My intention in representational painting is to faithfully convey the spirit of a moment in time. When an artist is used as the channel to communicate visually, the information conveyed is imbued with emotion and energy. The purpose of each brushstroke and mark is to fill the surface with the intangible feeling present in the person, place or thing. It is my hope that each painting will convey the fleeting energy of a moment- peace, wonder, confidence, exuberance, hope, love- for as long as the painting exists. 1 comment


Since I could hold a crayon I've been drawn to color.<<(couldn't resist) The driving force in making images is something that's been present in me since I can remember. I feel a shock of energy during and after creating an image, and this energy is the impetus to continue. I believe all people who experience this rush will continue to create, in spite of the frustration that is inherent in the process. For me, the effects of creation outweigh the struggle in the process.