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Mary C. Aikens Art Blog

"American Eagle"

by mca1artist , February 8, 2011—08:52 PM

Topics: American Flag(s), American-related, Americana, Eagle(s), Patriotic, Relief, Wood relief. one of my…, Wood-carving, folk art

The "American Eagle" was inspired by several eagle pictures with the American flag included in the same picture. I really did not have to look very far for this style of picture idea. Actually, I saw this picture on the back of the U. S. quarter and saw the eagle with the flags and shield... I, then put the colors in this rather folk-styled sculpture with the black back ground. The outer edges are ridged similar to the quarter, This is a rather odd-sized wood relief which is 12" W X 11" H X 3/4" T and it was painted in mixed-media over carved Eastern pine. I have shown this painting in several showings in person and over the artists-related websites. Please visit my wall as "MCA1Artist" and leave a message with me. Thank you very much and I will greatly appreciate it... Sincerely, Mary C. Aikens, Artist :-)



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