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Mary C. Aikens Art Blog

"Wasiting For Our Turn"

by mca1artist , December 13, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: Americana, Amusement parks, Carousels, Merry-go-rounds, People, decorative, folk art, whimsical

Hey Everybody, Here is an Americana-styled picture of that classical ride called the Merry-go-round. In this picture as well in reality, there are many people who usually wait in line for other rides as well this ride. The merry-go-round is in the center of this painting as well on the raised surface which the some of the amusement park in the background on both raised and sloped surfaces. This painting is painted in oil on molded panel with inside measurements: 11.5" W X 8" H X 3/8" T. However, the overall measurements are 16" W X 12.5" X 3/4" T. Please note that outer part acts as a frame for this picture. When you look at this painting, you can really see that the merry-go-round is a classical and "well-loved" ride at many amusement parks that are still in existence.



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