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Mary C. Aikens "Timothy"

"American Farmland""It's Old, But Comfortable""Waiting For Our Turn""Let's Pray, America""Timothy""Welcome" (Southern Style)
8" x 10" x 1"
Formal Portrait
Portraits / Drawing
Sold at $50.00


* A small painted portrait of my father- in-law that was taken off of a scanned picture of him wearing a sailor's suit during World War II * One of my sisters-in-law commissioned me to do this painting of him * Oil on Canvas * 8" W X 10" W (However, I can do larger paintings on canvas, paper, or panel) * Perfect idea for anybody who wants a painting of their loved ones, houses/ estates, and/or pets * Although, this painting has been sold, I can take commissions on people, house/estate portraits, and/or pets. * I can also paint in watercolors and acrylics