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Mary C. Aikens About

An artist who does a wide variety types of artwork which includes novelty signs, house portraits, charactertures, landscapes, still life, and architecture. However, I do not do nudes or anything that (may) pertain to pornography. I also do reliefs in wood along with other types of wood sculptures. With a wide variety of art subjects, I tend to use various types of media to paint with and on various materials into a style that is combined in impressionism and realism. 2 comments


Mary is a modern-day artist who started out using color crayons (and still does). She also uses water colors, acrylics, oils, and not to forget Sharpie pens. Mary will also combined two or more medias together to get even a more "dramatic" effect in many of her artworks. Her favorite media is acrylics because they dry much faster and much safer to use than oils.

There is another thing that Mary does in addition to art which is architectural drafting and design. She has at least seven years of combined experience of drafting and design. She also prepares the AD-Pages for the plan sets at the company where she is employed.

Mary has always have had a deep passion for a combination of art and design which that is a strong reason why she combines together both worlds. She loved to draw buildings along with playing with plastic building blocks and other building-related toys in her childhood years. Mary's love for drawing continued to grow into her teen and college years. She received a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from the University of South Alabama along with an Associate's of Applied Science degree in Drafting and Design Technology from Bishop State Community College.

Mary have and still shows and sells her artwork in addition to commissioned art work around the Charlotte, NC region. In the past, she used to show and sold her artwork in additions to the commissioned art pieces for various clients around the Mobile, Alabama region where she and her husband used to live nearly twelve years ago. Many of Mary's commissioned artworks were/are house portraits in addition with signs which were/are both personalized and novelty.

In summary, Mary has done diverse art mediums and studied with many varied

art instructors. She is well rounded in the various aspects of art along with her study of drafting, and not-to forget, she uses her talent in the architectural field.


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