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Maria Britzman About

I am still searching for my niche in the art world. Sometimes I wonder if I will succeed. But something within me pushes me forward and with every failure there eventually comes a success and I take one more step. 1 comment


Like many illustrators I began drawing and painting at an early age. Making sure to take one art class each year while in high school and not just for an easy grade either. After high school however, I took some time to raise a family.

It is only within the last eight years that I have returned to drawing and painting. Spending the last two oil painting and trying my hand at children__™s illustration

The mediums I use most often are; pen & ink, watercolor, pencil, oil, colored pencil, oil pastel and airbrush.

My influences in the art world are Van Gogh, Dali and Kahlo. I also have many contemporaries.


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