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Marcia Baldwin Art Blog


by mbaldwinfineart , July 16, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: BAldwin, M Baldwin, Marcia, abstract, animal, art, blue, fish, floral, flower, koi, oil, original, pads, painting, pond, water, waterlily

Come check out my newest original oil painting of six koi !! Swirling waters, Lovely waterlilies, floating lily pads and six koi fish captured on canvas. This is a new koi original by M Baldwin. Gallery represented. Chartres Street Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana AVAILABLE




  Joan Keeley

12/26/2014 * 06:35:35

Wow! What beautiful pond you if made and the excellent thing that it has not leaks and maintenance charges. Otherwise, it’s costly to have Koi pond and without Pond pro it becomes extra ordinary costly to keep it maintain and fish alive.To know more please visit


  Marcia Baldwin ( homepage )

07/20/2008 * 09:30:54

Thank you Ellen, for your kind comments.
~ Marcia


  Ellen Farley ( homepage )

07/16/2008 * 21:20:37

That looks like a very nice painting. It is very gestural and beautiful cool colors. I quickly went to look at your studio so I could see how this relates to any other paintings of yours. I love the movement in them. Wonderful. Well, you don't need me to tell you that!

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