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Matthew Bates Art Blog

Il Putto - A Study in Three Dimensional Painting

by MATTBATES , October 28, 2013—10:02 AM

Topics: 3D, Firenze, Florence, art, painting, statue

For several years now I have been researching ways to enhance the 3d experience of looking at a 2d painting. A flat canvas is as 2d as it gets, so the artist's job is to add the illusion of dimension where in reality there is none. For "Il Putto" I have come up with a new idea. By focusing on the statue in the foreground, the background goes double. In photorealism, I think people have forgotten that they see with two eyes, while the camera has only one. That means we are not using all of the information at our disposal when we paint directly from photos. By looking at the statue our eyes cross a little bit, and they continue on their own past the statue adding a blurred double vision of the background. You can try this yourself by focusing on your outstretched hand and casually seeing the background. If you use both eyes you will see a double image of the background. I look forward to your comments on this and other paintings.



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