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Matthew Bates Art Blog

The Use of Fibonacci Design in Painting

by MATTBATES , March 20, 2013—12:00 AM

Topics: Verona, bridge, cityscape, painting, realism, street scene

In my latest cityscape painting "Lover's Bridge in Verona" I used a design technique which utilizes the Fibonacci sequence. The painting has dimensions which are 180cm x 80cm. By breaking up the width into two parts we get 50cm + 130cm with the height being 80cm, we get three consecutive Fibonacci numbers, 5, 8, 13. By doing this the overall design of the bridge fits naturally into the famous Fibonacci spiral. We also get two Fibonacci rectangles on the sides of the painting and a perfect square of 80cm x 80cm in the middle between the two Fibonacci rectangles.





07/11/2014 * 15:30:31

Brilliant... I am wordless... Never thought Fibonacci can be used in painting....brilliantly organized 5, 8,13

thousand salutes

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