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Mary A. Exline Art Blog

New Series

by maryexline , August 23, 2012—12:00 AM

Topics: inspiration

The time seemed right to let go of representational painting and work into more abstract designs. However, I still wanted to hold onto the landscape without going totally abstract. Abstraction holds no meaning for me. Yes, it can have wonderful texture, pattern, colors, etc., but otherwise leaves no emotional responsive memories. Painting without any particular direction allows the use of any color or a lot of colors together not having to worry about if the color is right, if the picture looks right, or having to repaint it until it looks right. It releases one to be more creative going in new directions. Within the strokes of the brush there are designs that develop and are built upon until a subject emerges through the paint. It provides me with so much freedom. No photo or memory of a place is needed. It is like flying. It is wonderful. Painting this way is soooo much fun!



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