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Mary A. Exline Art Blog

Fields of Megiddo

by maryexline , June 23, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Selling my work

I was thrilled to hear that one of the 3 paintings I had in a show had been purchased. When I entered them in the show, I thought to myself no one would probably purchase the highest price painting because this show is held in a retirement home where people live on a limited income, but that was the painting that sold.

This painting is of a landscape from one of my galleries here at artid. It is called ___Fields of Megiddo,___ an acrylic. The President of our Springfield Art Guild told me that this is the first time a higher priced work had ever been sold at this show location. That was exciting news. I was hoping to get the customer's information, but I received a lot more than that. The person who purchased it wrote a letter to me. He said he was so enchanted by my haunting "Fields of Meggido." He mentioned that by purchasing it he had broken his vow concerning "downsizing." He also said that his plans for the installation of my painting were uncertain, but it was his current wish to ask me to join him, his wife, and a few friends for drinks on that occasion. He stated he was also attracted to another painting I had entered in the show called ___Smokey Mountain Farm___ because of the structure of the cabin in it. He said his paternal ancestors were 19th century refugees in Tennessee from a Quaker village in Loudon County, Virginia. Vernacular architecture therefore has special appeal. His great grandfather, grandfather, and father were born in the same log cabin at Palmyra. From the hill one can see the valley of Megiddo where a lot of farming is done. In the foreground are Queen Anne's Lace flowers, Jacaranda and Cypress trees painted in acrylic on canvas. Unframed size: 14" w x 11" h





07/01/2010 * 19:48:18

I love this painting Mary, simply beautiful!


  Lynne Grossman ( homepage )

03/26/2010 * 23:29:17

Hi Mary!

Your artwork lights up my eyes from the screen here! I'm the SAG artist with long dark hair who presented the slide show at a retirement home.(I don't know if you remember me, but my photo is on my website.) Is this the man (you speak of from the retirement home) who I photographed you with? I believe I still have those photos and I need to email them to you! I'm sorry that I simply forgot to do so in all this time.

I wandered in here from your link on the prospectus I just received from SAG in email. Your paintings glow in real life and I remember admiring them in person. This site showcases your beautiful artwork very nicely! I have looked at all of your galleries and enjoyed seeing such a nice variety of work.

Happy Spring and Painting,

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