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Mary A. Exline Art Blog

Sunny Meadow

by maryexline , July 15, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Flipping

This is a new series that is a result of a recent workshop called "Flipping." It is an unusual process of applying water first, then paints haphazardly, then flip over to the back side of the watercolor paper, apply more water and paints using different colors from the first application, then flip paper over again, and look at the designs in the paint. I then look at these patterns to see what I think they might be, and create a painting from the different designs I see in the paint. I am very fond of flowers and gardens, etc. Therefore, my designs tend to go in that direction. This way of painting originated with an artist whose name is Lee Weiss. I had seen her work years ago probably in this magazine, "The Artists Magazine."

This is a floral scene of black-eyed susans and cone flowers with a variety of greenery. It has a sunny disposition of warm pinks and golden yellows. Unframed size is 24"wx19"h.



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