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Mary A. Exline Art Blog

Flipping Images

by maryexline , June 29, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Flipping

Each time when I realize that a floral piece is finished, I receive a special blessing of joy and contentment. I think it goes back even to my childhood. My mother was a gardener growing flowers and vegetables. She would often make a floral arrangement for us to see when we came home from school or for the dining room table. From her I developed a love for flowers and gardening, as I now have a garden of my own in front of my condo. I love to look out the window to observe my garden watching the new blooms arriving. This was the inspiritation for this piece and other pieces in the Floralscape Gallery.

I created this piece by painting random colors on the front side, then flipping the paper over. Then this process is repeated on the back side, and then flipped again to the front side revealing interesting patterns and designs. The design was then created from the patterns left by the flipping of the paper.




  Judy Isaacs

06/12/2009 * 10:55:11

Mary, I love this technique of flipping. It is such a delicate painting and would be lovely in a young girl's room. Also, the shasta daiseys. If I have any customers that are looking for art work for their homes, I'll give them your web site. Keep painting! Judy

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