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I give God my gratitude for all the work I do. He is my inspiration for it all. My art is also available as greeting cards and in several sizes of museum quality media. Email for details. 1 comment


Mary Crochet___'______________™s Autobiography

Mary Crochet was born Mary Kidder in 1949 in Gonzales, Louisiana. She later attended Gonzales High School.

Around the age of 17 I realized that I could paint. My mother was amazed that I had painted a picture. She bought me a paint kit and I learned the basic colors and taught myself.

In my eagerness to learn as much as I could about creating my art, I attended a class. To my astonishment they were teaching the same technique to everyone. I didn___'______________™t want to lose my own style so I didn___'______________™t attend any more classes. My approach is my own interpretation of places I___'_______________ve seen and I am very comfortable with this self-taught style.

Selling my art for the public never occurred to me during those early years. It___'______________™s only been in the past few years that I began to create paintings for sale. I began small by putting art in a tiny art shop in Sorrento, LA where I showed small success. Later I put my art in a small gift shop in the same area where my sales soared as did my understanding of my ability as an artist.

Next, I joined a local Art Gallery, which was then located in Sorrento, Louisiana. It was at this time, that I realized my hobby had evolved into something special.

I give God my gratitude for all the work I do. He is my inspiration for it all. Demonstrating for others gives me an opportunity to do what I love to do while meeting a variety of people from all walks of life. I just enjoy being out here, having a good time and most of all sharing my art with others.


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