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Mary Beth Morrison Art Blog

Open Studio Mondays

by MaryBethMorrison , November 1, 2016—12:00 AM

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My studio doors are open Monday nights to artists who want space and time working on their own projects. No cost, no structure. The teapot is on. I expect to continue to Thanksgiving, and perhaps again in the new year. There are benefits!! It is fun to have like minded people to talk to, and be encouraged. By turns there's a lot of talking going on, followed by moments or entire evenings of concentrated focus on projects. Sometimes there is a critique, when someone wants it. I get my studio cleaned up! In October I had one person, then two. This week there were 5. Sometimes they bring dogs, that is fun for me since my Bosko is gone. We had watercolorists, and acrylics and pastel going this week, all painters, though a friend has asked if she can bring her wool... of course! Painting is one I've been working on, 'Screw Augur Falls', will soon be finished.




  Kathleen Fillo

11/03/2016 * 09:00:55

What a lovely gesture to encourage folks to be creative and share a bit of friendship and comaraderie.

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