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Mary Beth Lawler Art Blog

Getting Ready for the Last Treatment

by marybeth , May 27, 2008—11:57 AM

Topics: calligraphy, healing

Tomorrow is my last chemotherapy infusion. How do you spell "screaming and jumping up and down"? I'll still feel rotten for a week or two but who cares, I have plenty of popsicles and the weather is gorgeous and my patio is clean and ready for me. My friend Jamie came over and helped (she did most of it) weed and prep one of the gardens. There are herbs in that one mostly but I add a few annuals for color. I puttered around a few of the other beds and the perennials are coming back strong. I even managed to get the Clematis I planted last year to survive. I've tried twice before and they didn't make it but this one is off to a great start. Over the Memorial Day Weekend I spent considerable time finishing up several calligraphy jobs that will all be due next week. If I didn't get them done before tomorrow, there is a slim chance I would feel good enough to do them later. This year has been a busy one for calligraphy requests. I've had two large wedding invitation jobs, table cards, diplomas, two sets of awards and a small gift. I have one more large diploma job but I have plenty of time to complete that. I will teach at Snow Farm the week of June 15th and radiation will start the 24th of June. Six weeks of that and I am done. How do you spell, "it's all over thank God, party"?





05/31/2008 * 14:09:22

Hi Mary - I'm glad I checked today because that's good news. I'm glad you are done done done. I hear the fingertips come back, just like your clematis. Looking forward to seeing you...Barbara


  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

05/28/2008 * 20:07:50

I'm just reading this on the 28th, and given the time of day, you have finished that last chemo treatment. congratulations on reaching this point in the treatment. Wishing you well, Caroline



05/27/2008 * 20:14:45

Let me know when wine starts to taste good again. I have a bottle with your name on it. xomick

ps- I'll be sending an email to you if you feel up to checking it out.

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