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Mary Beth Lawler Art Blog

Fish and False Eyelashes

by marybeth , May 16, 2008—12:41 PM

Topics: healing

I'm getting cranky, just ask Alex, "Yes my love." he says patiently and gets me another popsicle or whatever else it is I'm too tired to do myself. This last chemo round was a rough one, I guess I'm tired of being tired and sick of being sick, so I get cranky. My fingertips are going numb and everything tastes weird. Even wine doesn't taste good. This is an outrage! When I feel good I do as much as I can because I need a sense of accomplishment. Thank God there is only one more. My apologies to those who suffer through much longer periods of treatment. My prayers are with them. On a lighter note I lost one of my eyelashes down the sink drain yesterday, you would have thought it was a diamond ring, but then I had to laugh, all I could picture was some Shad swimming around the Connecticut River with false eyelashes stuck to his tail.




  Van Gothner ( homepage )

05/19/2008 * 21:21:35

Talk about "Saving Nemo"!


  Anna Velez

05/18/2008 * 10:21:07

Mary, I've just been updating myself on your blogs. And speaking as a blonde....people's expectations from you are different. But I think I'm pretty immune to that nowadays.
Speaking of "down time" , (we were weren't we?)I have been in that for most of the last year. Haven't produced much since my sales were barely more than all my expenses each show. I am now on a self imposed sabbatical from shows until the economy picks up a lot.
So, the change is that my new work will get bigger and much more complex. I don't have the pressure to produce a lot, so I'll produce what I only want to do and take my time doing it.

I do like your dark wig best though, probably since I know you as a brunette.
And, yes it is a good cut.
Do you remember giving me a few items last fall? I tried the walnut oil on some chiyogami and some of the results were just fabulous! However, after much research on it I realize it is organic and could assist in the deterioration of those papers in my work. I introduced it to my sister and got her some crystals for Christmas. It will be wonderful for her stuff.

So, you seem to be hanging in there with your underlying (if not ever present) humor. Sometimes I think humor alone gets us through the worst of times.
So, put a call out for those blonde jokes. They'll keep you laughing in the waiting room.


  Christine Polaczak

05/16/2008 * 16:36:20

Dearest Mary,

It's been so long since I last wrote you. Not because I haven't been thinking about you, but only because I've tried not to spend too much time at the computer while healing a "frozen shoulder". Several weeks of physical therapy and a shot of cortisone work like magic, and I'm back to near normal.

Now, your story and your spirit are something else. You are so brave and so positive! I'll be interested to see the art that comes from this experience.

You are, as always, in my thoughts and prayers. Continue your progress forward. And again, please let me know if I can do anything to help.


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