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Mary Beth Lawler Art Blog

Three Down, One To Go

by marybeth , May 9, 2008—06:39 PM

Topics: healing, toxins

My third chemotherapy infusion was Wednesday. My friend Sandy DeCristofaro ( came with me. Good thing for me, not so good for her. The place was packed and I had to wait for a chair. All in all we were there for 5 hours. Lunch time came and went so we nibbled on animal crackers. We did have some lively conversations with the other patients about movies and cooking. Everyone talks pretty openly about their situation and treatment, comparing notes and suggestions for coping. Several people were there for their first infusion so they were full of questions. Normally the nurses spend a great deal of time with each patient, but that day they were really hopping. When we finally got out we were starving and I had a craving for steak. They give you steroids in your drip to help you tolerate the infusion but it makes you very energetic and very hungry. We went to Longhorn and devoured the best meals we've had in a while, mostly because they really hit the spot. By the time I got home I crashed in a big way. The side effects of chemo are cumulative. Now the queezy-ness is nausea and the fatigue is intensified. The flu like symptoms are a little more pronounced and it will take a bit longer to feel myself again. The good news is, I know it's coming and I can plan accordingly. Then next few days are just for resting and letting my body use all it's energy to combat the toxins. It's raining and there are some good movies on so I should be all set. Alex is here to keep everything under control and keep me in popsicles. Popsicles are my friend. May 28th is the last infusion. I have an appointment to see the Radiologist to get prepped and scheduled for radiation that will start sometime mid June. So for now I will lay low for a few days and look forward to feeling much better soon.




  Fay Carmichael

05/13/2008 * 09:57:13

Hey Queenie, Thanks for the updates. I'm hoping and praying for you every day. Your ears will be burning this Friday. The girl who keeps my hair red wants to learn how to make mats for her photographs. I'm going to teach her. I'll tell her all about you and what a great gal you are.

Take care, Love ya, Fay



05/12/2008 * 21:18:57

Hey Aunt Mary . ..

I have been keeping you in my nightly thoughts and prayers. 3 chemos down and 1 to go - thank goodness.

I knew you were laying low this weekend and I wasn't able to come visit when I was in town.

I should be back down in July - so hopefully we can get together then.

Thinkin of ya!

Lots of love!!!




05/12/2008 * 12:21:24

Sending you a warm hug and wishes for a nice cold popsicle. xomick

If you haven't seen 'em, here's some movies to consider:

Mildred Pierce
The Bad and the Beautiful
Black Widow (with Debra Winger)
Waiting for Guffman
Stage Beauty

I'll send more as they occur to me.

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