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Mary Beth Lawler Art Blog

Two Down, Two to Go

by marybeth , April 24, 2008—03:18 PM

Topics: aesthetics, healing

My "cranial prosthesis" has arrived and I'm still chuckling over the words "cranial prosthesis". It's from the Latin for fake head. I like this style so much I want to do this for real when my hair grows back. My eyelashes are falling out now, but my dear friend Florence bought me some new ones. Isn't it grand that in this age of technology we can repair, replace or enhance just about anything? So here we have, fake hair, fake eyelashes, contacts and this afternoon I'm going to stop at CVS and buy a tan. I'm no proponent of surgical enhancement, I don't think I'd ever go that far but now I do understand the impact that physical appearance can have on the psyche. I am happy to go around with no hair, it's great! Everyone should try it. The hair and eyelashes and cosmetics are really for other people's comfort. It makes them feel better that you don't look "sick". I can see the relief on people's faces when they see me for the first time post surgery, because "I look so good". The second chemo treatment was fine, I was loaded up on steriods so I felt great. The following six days, not so much. It takes longer each time to snap back from the assault. As an artist I place a very high importance on the aesthetically pleasing. I always try to surround myself with beautiful things, in that environment I can be more creative. When I'm surrounded by crap I have to neurotically rearrange everything into some description of order before I can work. The same is true in appearance, if I feel presentable then everything is OK. It follows that if I go to the supermarket looking like hell, it's a guarantee I will run into someone I know. Once again, I thank you for your messages of support, they mean a great deal.




  Richie Sarno

05/02/2008 * 15:13:38

You mean to tell me that haircut you had in school had a name? And that someone else you know had the same haircut? Does anyone remember getting their hair cut with a razor? I forget what yea(s) that getting razor cuts were popular but I do remember how painful it was.


  Mary ( homepage )

05/02/2008 * 12:27:48

I had a spa tan once. It got a little blotchy in places and I had to explain it away as a genetic disorder. Maybe I'll give it a second chance now. I was going to have eyelash extentions but now I don't have any eyelashes to glue them to. Something to look forward to.



05/02/2008 * 11:33:37

CVS for a tan. Don't you know a spa director?? call me if your orange>>


  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

05/01/2008 * 11:38:14

Mickey has given us a challenge! OK I'll bite. Fashion disasters? Where do I start? I'll have to go back in the archives. You can upload pictures to the Facebook ArtId Group page. Com'on it will be fun!



05/01/2008 * 08:43:35

This look is very "you."
I too had "the beret" for a time...what were we thinking?

On the subject of being a victim of trends:
These days, when I find myself considering a trendy piece of clothing I'm less likely to make that impulse purchase. I've seen too many photos of myself from the 70s 80s and 90s and find it amazing that I thought I looked great at the time. If I just can't help myself, I'll buy that trendy item only if it's really cheap. Then it's just a matter of avoiding a photographic record that could haunt me ten years from now :-)

What's your most memorable fashion disaster? If you're brave, post pictures!


  Madeline ( homepage )

04/28/2008 * 16:37:16

Dahhhhhhhhhhling! You look
Your attitiude and spirit are wonderful.

Well you go buy that tan and know that with or without anything, you are still the QUEEN OF THE UNIVERSE! LOL


  Mary Beth Lawler ( homepage )

04/28/2008 * 11:30:19

Richie is referring to a haircut that I had is art school that was called "The Beret" As you might guess it was was long on one side and curved up to short on the other. Like a beret. It was very edge-y at the time but received a lot of commentary, pro and con. I don't know how, but Ritchie remembers everything!



04/27/2008 * 16:38:56

Mary, I love the new look,and if your thinking
of making it a permenant look I for one have to agree.
I'll be coming soon so and we will have lots of laughs.


  Richie Sarno

04/26/2008 * 00:18:03

If anyone can look beautiful with no hair it would be you... and Curly from the Three Stooges.



  Richie Sarno

04/26/2008 * 00:08:45

You are right. This is a good look for you. Sure beats that haircut you got in Art School.

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