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Search Engines and Blonde Jokes

by marybeth , April 15, 2008—12:28 PM

Topics: Blogging, healing, search engine optimization

Rule #1, no blond jokes! Life as a blond is indeed interesting. I can't say I am having MORE fun, but I am having fun. I am getting another wig that is darker like my natural hair. I'll post a picture of that when it comes in. After I finished whining about losing my hair, I had Alex shave off what few tufts that were left and an extraordinary thing happened. I love having no hair! It's cool and comfortable, no blow drying and styling, no product, just slap it on and go. Change persona daily if you want. It will be interesting to see if my work changes any when I'm blond or hairless. I will have my second of four infusions tomorrow so we'll see how I feel. I want to thank all of you for your messages of support. It means a great deal to me that the artid online community of artists are responding to each other and building dialogue. Blogging is something most other similar sites don't have and it helps greatly to get more traffic to your site. I am learning a lot about search engines and social media and how the internet finds you. I will be posting more about search engines and getting the most out of your site next week.




  Richie Sarno

05/02/2008 * 01:06:48

You look like Sandra Dee. Can I be your Bobby Darin?


  Fay Carmichael

04/20/2008 * 22:11:59

Hey Queenie - The color is OK but The hairstyle is fantastic. Very flattering. I've often thought that it would be nice to shave my head and not mess with hair anymore. Don't think I want to use your method for making tht happen, though. I've been sending lots of white light your way and am thinking of you all the time. Keep on keeping on, baby. Love ya, Fay



04/20/2008 * 09:54:36

Hey Mary,

How are you doing??? The scarf thing is the way to go. I love being outside and in my gardens and in the warm and hot days of spring and summer, the wig goes and a cool and comfortable cotton scarf takes it place. The freedom of not wearing a wig at times is so exhilarating and lovely for me since there is little hope at this point that I will ever have enough hair not to wear one. Who knows I may at some point say the hell with it and just be my natural self - doubt it!
How is the chemo going and how many more sessions do you have ahead of you?

Hope you are enjoying this lovely stretch of weather and filling yourself up with vitamin D and good energy from the sun. Full moon is on Monday but the moon is glorious right now and another wonderful and natural source of good energy.

You are really looking good in spite of what you are going through.

Until the next time...Happy Earth Day!

xo Christine



04/18/2008 * 19:08:03

Good choice! Blondes have more fun anyway! Take care.



  Mary Lawler ( homepage )

04/18/2008 * 10:49:33

You guys are awesome! You are right, a couple of blonde jokes never hurt especially since I am still a brunette through and through. Not that I haven't have a few blonde moments! Christine, I know exactly who you are and to tell the truth I never once thought you were wearing a wig. The new ones they have now are amazing. I am still most comfortable without anything on my head and I am getting less and less conscious of how it looks. With summer almost here, I am looking forward to the coolest head ever.
The second wig should be in shortly. Stay tuned!


  Michael Mize ( homepage )

04/17/2008 * 19:39:12

Okay, I can't help it. Rules were made to be broken. And if you really want to get an authentic blonde experience, you simply have to endure a few these:

Two blondes were standing on opposite sides of a river. As there was no bridge, the first blonde looked around for a boat, or a raft. Finding none, she yelled across to the other blonde, "How do I get to the other side?" Confused, the second blonde thought for a moment and then yelled back, "You are on the other side!"


  Christine Foudy

04/16/2008 * 21:03:20

Hello Mary,

Just in case you are not sure of who I am, I am part of the once a month girls night out group (Florence, Pip, Marion, etc...)

I just wanted you to know that I too, due to an auto-immune disease, have been in a wig for over 15 years. This is where I can be of support or at the very least, know what you are going through with the hair loss. If you need to talk or ask me some questions about wigs and the trauma of losing your hair, I am just a phone call away...584-9257. And, I also have some great and funny stories to share if only to give you a laugh...

xo Christine



04/16/2008 * 20:03:53

Hey, we're like TWINS! I'm a super blonde, too!!
Are you sure you don't want to hear any blonde jokes? Laughter is the best medicine!!! Please be well!
Love, Kitti



04/16/2008 * 09:54:38

I LOVE you as a blond!! So cute.
Kinda Diane Sawyer-ish.

Let us know when you're ready for company.
A game of scrabble or even just a chat around the kitchen table.



  Linda Tecce

04/16/2008 * 09:26:05

Mareeey! You look fabulous darling.
I knew you would look good as a blond.
Thinking of you all the time. May God keep
blessing you over and over.

Love Linty Sox aka the Entertainer

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