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Mary Beth Lawler Art Blog

Slow Day

by marybeth , March 27, 2008—10:08 AM

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Wow, now I know what they mean by tired. I am having a tough time getting going today. It's kind of like the flu, you get up and do one thing and you have to go lie down again. I am trying to keep going a little though. It's better for you if you get out and move around a little. Let's see how far I get.




  Madeline ( homepage )

03/30/2008 * 02:39:46

Hello Lady M.
You are certainly doing a good job of holding yourself above this process you are going through. It won't be soon enough when we learn of you creating with glee again. And again; and again.
Remember the painted Ornaments that first brought us together. That's good for a laugh, a chuckle, and a giggle.
I send you warmest hugs, smiles, and lots of new images for your creative muse.


  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

03/29/2008 * 11:20:09

You are a big inspiration in so many ways. I love the image of watching a daddy long leg go up and down a banister. Maybe we should all slow down enough to watch a spider. I'm looking forward to a little warmer weather so I can sit outside myself.
Chemo and radiation at the same time is barbaric if you ask me. Actually the whole thing is Medieval, but it's all we've got. I applaud your strength and endurance, Millie, when I'm done will I be able to paint like you too?



03/28/2008 * 22:45:05

Hi Mary,
I can really understand what you are going through. In 1990 I had breast cancer and had chemo. They would give me a treatment and then wait for 2 weeks and then another one. I would just begin to start feeling better and then zap!.I also went through radiation at the same time and had to travel 5 days a week to a nearby town, 35 miles away for it. I would be so tired that about all I could do was sit on my deck and watch some granddaddy longleg spiders go up and down the banister. I can say now that I am happy that I did it all, as I am still here. My prayers are with you, I think of you often and hope you will be better soon. Millie



03/28/2008 * 16:31:56

Crummy day to try and get out and about. Better to cocoon and VPO (visualize positive outcomes).

Keep the great attitude and if you need a laugh just picture "Pinkle" arranging magnetic letters on the refrigerator door. Here's an excerpt from Why Cats Paint:

"...After 45 minutes of very slow and careful sorting, Pinkle completes her work by pulling all the red letters onto the top of the refrigerator...inspired by the obvious aesthetic pleasure she derives from it."

:-) xom

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