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Mary Beth Lawler Art Blog

Studio Spring Cleaning

by marybeth , March 17, 2008—03:06 PM

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I was reading Kelly Marszycki's blog about cleaning her studio and nodding my head in empathy. I am genetically pre-disposed to saving things I might use someday. I must have gotten it from my Depression and WWII surviving parents. As soon as I throw something out, though, I have a use for it, never fails. But occasionally I feel like I'm drowning in stuff. For me, the organization, or lack there of, in my studio is in direct connection to my ability to create. While in a productive mode I make big messes and pull out everything I own. Then, periodically I have to put everything away, dust, vacuum, file and empty my work surfaces. I have been using my post operative time doing just that. This is my studio in clean mode. I enjoy the neatness for a day or two and then it starts all over again. I give stuff a year or two before I toss it, maybe I should try Kelly's six month plan! Spring is indeed here in New England, and not a moment too soon. The Equinox is such a powerful message of balance. Enjoy the longer light and breathe deeply, the sweetness in the air.




  kelly m. ( homepage )

03/18/2008 * 14:47:35

Wow, what a great space, Mary! I'm envious -- my "studio" is in the lower depths of my home, tucked in between washer/dryer/ironing board and my son's workout area -- kind of a breezeway where foot traffic passes to and fro. Someday I may just hang a curtain or bamboo blind to create some type of wall!

I agree with the other artist's comments -- I create a mess when painting and that does not bother me. However, because of the saving aspect, my space was shrinking. And the fact that this area is "my space" to create, make messes, etc. is enabling and a sanctuary of sorts. I certainly don't want to see it decrease due to my hording tendencies.


  Jamie Hall ( homepage )

03/17/2008 * 19:46:35

Clean out the old, let in the new!
It is so uplifting and inspiring and energizing to clean, move, empty, and shine everything!


  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

03/17/2008 * 19:24:18

If only my desk at the office were is this shape! Thank you Kelly & Mary for inspiration....I'm with Mary. If my desk is not a mess, my productivity goes down. However, I know exactly where every single piece of paper is and the ideas I need to execute are tucked away in neat little rows in my mind. If I don't have some clutter and freedom on my desk, I fear I might be driven mad by my internal drive! However, at some point, I can't take it anymore and must clean house both outside and in. My creative space is in the corners of my mind and what is possible with technology & creating new business opportunities (and I must confess, my garden). So thank you Mary....for the will to once again clean and make room for the next great creation!

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