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Mary Beth Lawler Art Blog

So Far So Good

by marybeth , March 15, 2008—12:01 PM

Topics: healing

My fabulous surgeon called and the pathology from the second excision is clear. Lymph nodes are also clear. All good news. The cancer does not have hormone receptors so I will not be taking Tomoxafin but I am sure I will be taking something else for the mandatory 5 year period. I continue to be amazed at how much progress is being made and how far the research has come in treating breast cancer. Now I know where all that money is going in all those foundations and I'm damned glad the momentum for fund raising continues to build. This image is of a really girly paper design I did for a scrapbook kit. I'm not the pink ribbon type so you won't see any on me or my car. I'm gonna go for plaid - OK pink plaid. OK pink plaid with pink roses. Everyone asks if there is ANYTHING they can do for me. Yes there is, keep me in your thoughts and prayers, send me lots of white light and make a contribution of any size to cancer research so your daughters and your grand daughters can be free of this disease.




  Kelly M ( homepage )

03/16/2008 * 01:01:26

Very good news for you! I know I already sent a comment on your previous entry, but wanted to let you know that streams of white light are wrapping you, I'm sure. I have two daughters and will keep your wish in mind!

My best to you --


  beanie Kaman ( homepage )

03/15/2008 * 18:15:48

I am so surprised to get your email, but I am happy to be able to get to the blog and know how you are doing. You have all the white light that I can send you and I always donate every year to the Komen Foundation for breast cancer.
I am so glad to know that your latest report has "clear" news; that is wonderful.
I send you tons of love and all the healing wishes there can be!



03/15/2008 * 17:26:23

love the pink plaid pink roses! Glad to hear the good news, sad you still have to do the chemo though.
like you say they really know how to treat breast cancer with all the research out there. You may have to do something with the pink plaid pink roses thing with your artistic ways!?!

With love,

Jeff and Darcy


  Deb Ward ( homepage )

03/15/2008 * 17:06:48

I'm sure there will be a lot of support for you from this group of bloggers - please keep us informed of your progress.
Praying for your complete recovery,


  Maria ( homepage )

03/15/2008 * 16:37:18

You are amazing Mary! I love you (and am sending lots of white light and prayer your way.)



  Christine Polaczak

03/15/2008 * 15:04:42

My dear friend,

Oh, my goodness!! This is such shocking news. You are, of course, in my thoughts and prayers. I really do want to do something for you as you recover and repair your body.
While I was recovering from surgery in the fall, the best gift I received (aside from the cards and flowers) was being able to rest when I wanted, and not have to cook a meal or wash dishes. Can I do those things for you one day soon?
I'd be delighted to bring you something, share the meal with you, clean up while you nap, then leave quietly.
You are under no obligation to accept this offer, but please let me know if it appeals to you at all.

Until then, get well.

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