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Thumbs Up

by marybeth , December 23, 2008—12:00 AM

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I went to my oncologist yesterday for the first time since completing my therapies and he gave me a big thumbs up. He was very happy with how I looked and how much energy I had. He said "Wow you got a lotta hair!" He says that 6 months after chemo you usually have something to work with and I got plenty to work with now. My fingernails are back to normal and except for a rapidly fading scar you would never know I had breast cancer. So many people are glad to be leaving 2008 behind because it was a lousy year for them. 2008 was not a lousy year for me. It was a year of challenge, learning, healing and prevailing. It was a year of friends and family to the rescue, generosity and comfort. The whole ordeal put a very real strain on my relationship with Alex but we toughed it out, we made it. Our relationship is better than ever, made stronger by adversity. I don't wish this kind of challenge on anyone, but every challenge comes with a gift. Thanks to all of you who read my blog and left comments, they were greatly appreciated. I will continue this blog into 2009 with information, stories of inspiration and general chat. The best of the Holiday Season to you all and A Very Happy, Healthy New Year.

P.S. The bathroom is finally done and it's beautiful, the new floor looks fabulous and it's so CLEAN. Yeah Alex!




  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

12/24/2008 * 12:34:48

Nice to read this--I'm sure it's a very merry Christmas at your house. Caroline


  Richie Sarno

12/23/2008 * 22:26:45

I am so happy for you. And a tip of my hat to Alex. Relationships can be and often are tested throughout the years. I am glad you two have made it... although I was ready on the sidelines to step in just in case...

Looking forward to seeing you in 2009.

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