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Mary Beth Lawler Art Blog

Had To Dye

by marybeth , December 2, 2008—07:45 PM

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Squirrel mode has given way to poodle mode. The gray just wasn__™t cuttin__™ it so I had to color my hair. I feel better now. Life has been hectic with work and the holidays bearing down on us. One thing I did manage to get done was making out a will. Everybody knows they need one but they don__™t want to talk about it, it__™s scary. I always put it off because I thought I had lots of time. Nothing like the word cancer to snap you out of complacency. Then when my brother became seriously ill with pulmonary issues and he didn__™t have a will either, I said, ___I__™ll go if you go___. I made the appointment and we went to the lawyer together. It was a smart thing to do, you need a will, a Health Care Proxy and designate a Power of Attorney. Because, you never know. Things don__™t always work out the way you think they are going to, in fact you can bet on it. Time just keeps going by faster and faster, didn__™t I just pack all that Christmas stuff away? The idea to redo the bathroom before Christmas, has, like every other project in this house, proven to be a bigger problem than anticipated. Oh well, our friends will understand if there is no floor.




  Richie Sarno ( homepage )

12/03/2008 * 01:15:28

You look great... but that scarf has to go. Looks like ones that songwriters Boyce and hart used to wear in the 60's

And I will make things easy for you in your decision making... you don't have to leave me anything in your will. I got what I want from you... your wonderful friendship.

Okay you can stop crying now.

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